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Danielle Andrew

Danielle Andrew, staff reporter

Danielle Andrew, is a senior, and at 17 years old she still says she isn't ready to graduate. She loves to play with her chickens, listen to music, draw, and hang out with her friends. Her favorite book is Wings of Fire, by Tui T Sutherland. And she is mostly introverted but says it changes between the two. She is new to the newspaper, joining through her friend advising it and wanting to try something new. 

Her zodiac is Gemini, and she describes herself as hyper, outgoing, a mediator, and a chicken goddess. She has one younger sibling, 3 horses, a fish, cats and chickens. Her favorite animal is chickens, or any type of hawk, and if she could have any exotic pet she would choose a raven. Her reasoning being they are super intelligent, and she thinks the experience of communicating with one would be incredible. 

Her dream birthday party would be to have all her friends over and have everyone share a hobby and everyone tries each one. She says she has already been to Hawaii but if she could visit anywhere she would want to go back, just to see the coasts and more of the islands. 

She has a love-hate relationship with the "Games Settlers of Catan'', and "Taco Cat, Goat, Cheese, Pizza" which she loves to play but she always loses, so she hates them at the same time. She has a phobia of wind, but has no reason and says it's irrational. She wouldn't want to travel to any other time period, and would just stay in the one she exists in. Her stress food is anything with lots of carbs, but hates over parmesaned alfredo. 

On the flip side, while she says she can never be evil but wishes she could. Her favorite crime is that it is illegal to not smile in Pocatello, and says if she could steal anything it would be gift cards, but chickens would be really tempting. She would not want to know the date and time of her death but if she could choose how it happens, she would want to die outside in her sleep. 

If given the choice between being able to have someone tell her the truthful answer to any question, and finding it herself but have it always be correct, she would rather do it on her own. Claiming that it is still yet to be a skill she has and would love to not have that struggle anymore. 

Finally her favorite classes are any class that is hands on. Her pet peeves are ignorance, and useless arguing that could easily be resolved. Her least favorite word is Select, which she says sounds nasty. She loves alternative, and electronic music, and says although that is what her entire Playlist consists of, that still seems to surprise people.

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Heather Winward

October 11, 2021
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Danielle Andrew