Madison defeats Blackfoot 50-7

Friday, September 15



Jordyn Parsons, Staff Reporter

REPRESENT. Tucker Henderson (12), Jesse Atwell (12) and Rayce Shelley (12) represent at the coin toss.
LAND OF THE BRAVE. The marching band performs the National Anthem.
CHEESE. Kaitlyn Bevan (12) smiles for the camera.
FOR SPARTA. The football team bursts through the “Blackfoot Broncos” banner, led by Aric Vail (12).
BRONCO PRIDE. The student section cheers on their Broncos.
GAME TIME. Cayden Cornell (11) and Tai Vongmany (12) kick off.
LET’S GET ROWDY. The student section and cheerleaders support the Broncos.
GET SET, GO. Scott Carter (11) and Crewe Phillips (11), ready for the kickoff.
PILE UP. Madison tackles Brandon Bower (12).
PENGUIN LOGIC. The cheerleaders huddle for warmth.
GRAVITY GONE HAYWIRE. Ballroom dance performs at half-time.
TAKE A KNEE. Marching Band performs their show, Frontier, at half-time.
SPOTLIGHT. Rylie Moore (12) and Jonathan Spencer (10) perform with the Marching Band.
CHILLY PERFORMANCE. Who doesn’t love a frozen cheerleader?
CHEER ON. Go Broncos!
YOUR TURN. Rayce Shelley (12) hands off to Cole Mays (12).
HIKE. Quarterback Rayce Shelley (12) prepares to throw the ball.
MOTHER KNOWS BEST. Coach Devon Larsen consoles his team.
HUDDLE UP. The Broncos gather after a play.
READY FOR ACTION. Aric Vail (12) and Sean Clarke (12) line up.
HOT YOGA, BABY. Nathan Undhjem (11) stretches on the sideline.
A LITTLE SPRINKLE. Mother Nature comes to support the Broncos!
GAME PLAN. The team huddles and prepares for the next play.