Jessica Alverez

Jenna Warren, Staff reporter



Introducing the great Jessica Alvarez! Mrs/Miss. Alvarez teaches agriculture, and she loves it!! Ever since Alvarez was little, she had dreams of becoming a teacher. She watched her mother while growing up, and her mothers passion for teaching really inspired her. This school year will be Alvarez’s first year of teaching; besides all the student teaching. Out of all the districts that she has worked in (only 3) Blackfoot is her favorite. When asked what her favorite part of teaching was she replied with: “My favorite part of teaching (as a C.T.E. Teacher) is being able to really tailor a class structure to the interests of my students! Teaching agriculture gives me a lot of flexibility to give students an experience that is interesting and exciting to them.”

Now shifting gears to some non-teaching related questions. Alvarez’s birthday is on March 26th; and she wants her students and peers to know that she doesn’t like to take herself too seriously, except when necessary. And that she absolutely loves to have fun. Her favorite food is pizza believe it or not. But not just any pizza no; her favorite pizza is from Pizza Factory. Located in her hometown of Flower, California. Her go-to drink would either be water or blue Poweraid. Alvarez has broken a bone,yes; but not one that is very common. She broke her big toe on a dunk tank “Long story short, when the dunk tank drops, you don’t kick the glass…” Alvarez prefers dogs over cats; and she has two very cute dogs. Although her favorite animal is an elephant; not specified what type of elephant though.

I asked Alvarez this: “If you could spend an entire day with someone, who would it be and why?” She said that she would spend the entire day with her grandfather; and she would talk to him all about that has/will/is happened and how he would be so proud of her. This is the wonderful Jessica Alvarez.