Teacher Feature: Mrs. Judd


Payton Tucker, Staff Reporter

Mrs. Judd is an English teacher here at Blackfoot High School who has started her first year of teaching. She attended and graduated college at BYUI. Her favorite color is green, and she enjoys reading and watching tv during the winter season. Her favorite holiday is ironically Christmas, and she has a big family where she is the oldest of six siblings, while her husband is the youngest of six siblings in his family. Her favorite season is summer, due to the warm weather and being able to get time off to relax. Mrs. Judd loves all genres of music since she listens to all of them. She is involved in the school’s philosophy club, and the adjectives she would use to describe herself would be “Cheerful depending on the class, hopefully educational, and involved”. She has also traveled all over Italy, Washington DC, London for five hours, and even some good hiking spots here in Idaho. A video game and board game Mrs. Judd loves to play is Breath of the Wild, and Sushi Co.

Some things on Mrs. Judd’s bucket list are “I want to travel to Scotland, I would like to get my masters degree, and if I was doing an extreme bucket list, I would also add that I would like to get published”. She is most passionate about writing, whether it be stories or how stories are told. Mrs. Judd’s hometown is Blackfoot, Idaho, the reason why she chose to teach at Blackfoot High School is that “I think a lot of it was a good time, the job opened when I was ready to apply. It’s always had a great school culture, it was also nice to come back to where I came to high school”. The hardest part of teaching for Mrs. Judd was “probably developing my own class culture and figuring out how fun I wanna be, how strict, what’s best for the students”. Mrs. Judd described the school’s culture as, “friendly, and involved that everybody wants to be engaged including the Administrators”. Some challenges she faced when trying to become a teacher were the Design of the Unit Curriculum and scheduling student teaching.

How she copes with stressful situations by making sure she takes good and proper breaks on the weekends, as well as making sure her mental health is well and taken care of. The challenges she has in the classroom environment are adjusting to the habits and the schedules. She decided she wanted to be a teacher in her freshman year of high school after getting bored with her original career choice which was editing. She enjoys teaching high schoolers and while she doesn’t mind if she had to leave to teach middle schoolers, she would still very much prefer to stay here and teach high schoolers. Finally, Mrs. Judd thinks our school spirit is high compared to other high schools.