The Candidates are in!


Jordyn Parsons, Staff Reporter

TAKE A BOW. Jason Dietz takes a bow for the student body.
WHY HELLO THERE. Shantelle Hunt (12) and Brayden Carson (12), the candidates for Student Council, greeting Mia Touissant (12) and Jacob Cox (12).
GREASE LIGHTNING. Skyler Williams (12) and Giovanna Vitelli (12) rock the stage.
NEXT PLEASE. The candidates wait to answer their questions.
BRINGING BACK FASHION. Club Wild candidates Braxton Robinson (12) and Tiara Menefee (12) modeling the all-new spring vest collection.
GREETING THE CROWD. Jordan Reynolds (12) and Madison Boliner (12), ready to make a man out of you.
GETTING SPICY. FCCLA candidates Courtney Martinez (12) and Mason Lindsay (12) cooking up a win.
VOTE FOR PEDRO. Katelyn Elkins (12) and Carson Davis (12), the candidates for BPA.