Idaho Power Donates to the BHS Food Pantry


Kailynn Miller, Editor-In-Chief

Idaho Power is an electric utility company that generates, distributes, transmits, buys/sells electric energy. Although Idaho Power deals with electricity, they also do things that help with their community, for example Angela Miller and Dave Spillet, with Idaho Power came to our school Blackfoot High School(BHS) and worked with Mrs. Luker and Mrs. Jackson to donate money to the food pantry here on campus. Idaho Power recently presented BHS with a check to put towards their food pantry, located down in the counseling office. 

Idaho Power employee, Angela Miller, stated that she hopes that with this money BHS can keep the pantry open so that it may support kids in any way that they might need it. Angela Miller is an Education and Outreach Energy Advisor for Idaho Power and her service area includes the entire Southern and Eastern region of Idaho. The money was donated to BHS in an attempt to make sure that there is food security for all students as well as making sure a students education is not suffering due to not having quality food available to them. Idaho Power donated to BHS due to COVID insecurities, such as: job insecurities and housing insecurities; Angela Miller stated, “We knew that [BHS] was an area that would do the most good in the community.

Other organizations that Idaho Power donates to are places and organizations such as schools, violence help centers, housing centers, etc. they also sponsor several different clubs like FFA and FCCLA. Miller informed us that anybody with a 501C3, is eligible to apply for a donation through them.