Fair food Staff Picks

Zahnyvee George, Feature Editor

Bacon on a stick

It tastes exactly how you think it does. If you like bacon, it’s pretty good, but I don’t think I’ll get it again. – Jordyn Parsons, Staff Reporter

Brown Brown Cow

If you want something super rich and sweet to drink this is definitely for you. It is a great way to cool down on a hot day at the fair. -Lauren Anderson, Design Editor

Dutch Oven Cooking

It was good. I actually liked it. The meat was soft and chewy. Zahnive George, Features Editor

Egg Roll

If you only have a couple of bucks this is the food for you. It was actually really good. -Brynlee Case, Staff Reporter

Funnel Cake

The funnel was good. I don’t recommend riding rides after though. -Kayla Overmeyer

Funnel Cake

“It was good, like delicious, YUMMY!” -Kaitlyn Jensen, Online Editor

Raspberry Brownie Cheese Cake

Best think I ever ate, was really sweet! -Ahna Yancey, Staff Reporter

Teriyaki Bowl and Lemon-aid

It was scrumptious. I ate it like three different times. -Lauren Preece, Sports Editor

Teriyaki Bowl

Try not to get too satisfied. -Jace Robinson, Staff Reporter

Tiger Ear

My favorite fair food was the tiger ear. It was super tasty and for just $4! -Josh Van Orden, Staff Reporter


It’s like fries, but it’s better because every fry is like a crispy fry. -Sabrina Satterthwaite, Editor-in-Chief

Mana banana coconut 

I thought it was really good. It’s good for a sweet tooth. Geneieve Duarte, Staff Reporter