Free Guy movie review

Natalee Beck, Sports Editor

I love Ryan Reynolds and comedy movies so it was not surprising at all to have Ryan Reynolds star in the comedic movie Free Guy. As a non-playing character (NPC) you would think that life is pretty simple. You do the same set thing everyday. In Reynolds’ character Guy’s case, you wake up, say good morning to your goldfish Goldie, and then go to your job as a bank teller and get robbed by gamers in the world you’re trapped in. Free City. It’s quite simple and not very exciting, until the day comes where you decide you want to be a main character.


Sometimes enough is enough and that may mean you break the system and rob the bank robber. After going awol and stealing some special glasses, Guy learns what life is like as a player in the game Free City. As he attempts to navigate his way through this new world, gamers from the real world start complaining about this new so-called glitch in the game. 


In a video game where the main goal is to cause chaos and destruction, Guy becomes the good guy. This turns the heads of everyone in the real world. Not only has Guy become the new good guy in a violent video game, but he has also become the first Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can think, feel, and act other than the way he is programmed. As he becomes more and more advanced for an AI, life changes and Guy’s life in Free City is threatened when the real world creator, Antwan, attempts to destroy Guy and the entire world of Free City.


Ryan Reynolds did not disappoint and Free Guy had me laughing just about the entire time. This movie is full of adventure with a dash of romance and of course comedy. So if you are looking for a good laugh, watch Free Guy! I promise it will not disappoint. Not to mention any movie with Reynolds is worth watching.