Venom: Let There Be Carnage – Review


Jack Schroeder, Staff Reporter


I recently watched Venom: Let There Be Carnage, and it was better than I anticipated. Everyone loves a good anti-hero, and Venom is a perfect example of this. If you have seen Spider-Man 3, you know who Venom is; the alien parasitical substance that is able to take over its victims and manipulate them to do its bidding. When the original Venom came out in 2018, we were finally given Venom’s origin story and who its original victim was. However, its first victim, named Eddie Brock, may not be considered a victim at all once you jump to Let There Be Carnage.

I very much enjoyed the fact that Venom got to have its personality expanded in Let There Be Carnage. The “amoeba” being the term Eddie refers to Venom as in the movie, shows signs of assimilating into human society. Venom shows off a very human-like personality, as well as interests a human may have. It makes jokes like a human would, and often teases Eddie. Venom is a parasite technically, but its relationship with Eddie demonstrates a lot of mutualistic tendencies. The amoeba helps Eddie solve mysteries the police can’t solve, which makes Eddie very popular as he takes credit.

The casting for the new characters in this movie was done well. Woody Harrelson was an excellent choice for the Cletus Kasady character. The movie did not get very good ratings with Rotten Tomatoes as well as IMDB. As with the majority of movie sequels they don’t rate as high as the original, but I think Venom, Let There Be Carnage was a pretty good sequel, and didn’t deserve the poor ratings that it received.