Dear Evan Hansen


Natalee Beck, Sports Editor

Dear Evan Hansen is a tragic musical about mental health and the effect it has not only on individuals, but on entire communities. This musical follows the account of Evan Hansen, a teenager who struggles with major anxiety and depression, after the death of one of his classmates and how this event changed his life and the life of those around him. 

Mental health is a subject not many people are comfortable talking about, and yet, it is one of the most important issues that must be discussed. There are many diagnostics such as depression and anxiety that are plaguing our communities. I don’t mean that those who struggle with mental health are a plague, but rather the fact that it is not talked about and stressed about enough. This is an issue not addressed as often as it should be.

I am very passionate about mental health awareness, and I love being able to have the opportunity to spread the word about it. I myself struggle with mental health so I understand what it’s like first hand to struggle with this, and I knew I had to see this movie.

This is not a film that should be taken lightly seeing how it is about what many people go through alone. But if you are struggling with mental health whether you struggle with depression, ADHD, ADD, or even bipolar disorder, you are not alone. “You Will Be Found”, a song from Dear Evan Hansen talks about this very thing and how important it is to speak up and talk to someone if you are struggling. Evan Hansen learns for himself the peace and healing that comes from speaking up. A call for help is never a sign of weakness, but instead is a show of strength in acknowledging that you need help.

I strongly encourage everyone to watch this movie and help spread mental health health and learn about the affects mental illness has. Also, if you love and appreciate musicals like I do, this is a MUST see!