Thanakorn “Bank” Charernlertyoyt

Blair Warren, Staff Reporter

Abraham Lincoln once said this, “Leave nothing for tomorrow which can be done today.” This quote has inspired Thai Foreign Exchange Student Thanakorn Charernlertyoyt, otherwise known as “Bank”, to travel across the world and become a Foreign Exchange Student. One of his favorite things about travelling is being able to learn about various cultures. Something Bank loves about America (and specifically Blackfoot, Idaho) is how different the culture is from his home in Thailand, noting how school, the way young people talk to authority figures or older people in an informal tone, the colder weather, food, and politics are very different. His favorite thing he has done since arriving here in Blackfoot is camping at Yellowstone National Park and taking pictures of the wildlife and nature. Photography is one of Bank’s favorite hobbies, a few others include math as well as travelling. He is currently in the photography club and is enjoying Algebra 2 with Mrs. Beck, two things he loves about Blackfoot High School. 

Some fun facts about Bank are: he hates the color purple, he likes to scroll through social media when he’s not out taking pictures, and his favorite candies are Hi-Chews or any fruity candy. When asked, Bank stated that if he were a blanket, he mentioned that he’d be a, “big fluffy one”. Bank prefers creativity over athleticism, as well as just chilling at home by himself or with his host family, the Smiths; when asked to describe his host family, he said, “They treat me well, they are kind, and not very strict.” If he was given a week to live, he would travel the world, take pictures, and explore as many cultures as he could. Bank’s favorite thing to photograph is the “moment”. He loves to capture and remember the energy of “the moment”.  He doesn’t have a particular place he’d love to go to, he just wants to go everywhere. Bank’s favorite music is “Patiharn”, Thai music of the dramatic variety, and he listens to it any time he is able to do so, especially when doing work or if he’s by himself. 

Bank doesn’t have a favorite movie or television show, but he enjoys watching food-related videos on YouTube. He enjoys watching them sometimes for food inspiration, to get a glimpse of different cultures, or just because he’s hungry! Bank is described by others as “quiet” or “reserved” as well as “nice”. He is a hard worker and likes to see projects through to the end. Bank’s role models are his parents and those he meets.