Book Review- The Way of Kings

Way of Kings Cover

Way of Kings Cover

Josh Hone


One was a Slave.

One was an Artist.

One was an Assassin.

One was a Warlord.


The Way of Kings, by Brandon Sanderson, although more than 1000 pages long, is one of the best books that I’ve ever read, and I’ve read over 1000 books in my lifetime.

Centuries ago, The Knights Radiant abandoned Roshar. Where they originally acted as the defenders of Humanity, they now left it to die unprotected. The only things they left behind were the Shards: Swords that cut through stone like it’s smoke, and whose sheath is the air itself, and armor that enhances the strength and speed of the wearer, as well as can deflect blows that would shatter normal plate. 6 years ago, King Gavilar was murdered by the mysterious “Assassin in White,” Who was hired by the same people who had signed a peace treaty hours earlier. Now, the rulers of Alethkar wage war on the Parshendi on the Shattered Plains in the name of vengeance, and that’s just the first couple pages. I don’t know what it is about the book, but something about it is spectacular. Something about the book is so engaging.

The Society is completely different from any society today. Social class is completely distinguished by eye color, exposing your left hand can be as indecent as walking around without pants, and they use giant crabs as beast of burden. Or maybe it’s the world itself. Giant storms periodically sweep the land, tiny spirits call spren are attracted to emotions and events, and parts of the land are seemingly broken.

Or maybe it’s the characters:

Dalinar, the Former king’s brother, is trying to lead his nephew through a war. But what good is a general that has no drive to fight at all?

Kaladin, a former soldier, is trying to escape his life as a slave. However, before he can make any escape attempts, he’s forced to carry heavy bridges several miles to help lay siege to the Parshendi forces. The catch is, his real job is to draw enemy fire. How can he escape this life of torment?

Shallan is playing a dangerous game: her father is dead, and her family has giant debts to pay off. In order to solve this problem, she decides to steal a magical Soulcaster from the heretic princess, Jasnah Kohlin. The punishment is death. Will she be able to get away with this crime?

Szeth is a cold-blooded assassin. Well, according to reputation. He is the Assassin in White. He wields one of the powerful Shardblades, and he can use Stormlight to change how gravity affects objects. But he still can’t bear to kill. He crys every time his blade falls, but he has no other choice. Will he ever escape his bloody existence?

Filled with mystery, adventure, strategic battles, and so many twists and and turns it’ll make your head spin, the Way of Kings is a must read for anyone, despite it’s length. It may take you a long time to read it, but I guarantee that it will be worth your time.