Stryker Wood Signing

Kailynn Miller, Staff Reporter

Stryker Wood is a senior this year at Blackfoot High School, and he has recently signed with the College of Idaho. Wood is currently playing as a safety position in high school, but in college he will be playing both safety and corner and he will switch between the two. 

Wood says that he has always had the goal of receiving a football scholarship, but as he got older it just seemed more like a distant dream that was too far out of reach, but “last minute everything kind of fell into place and it all worked out”. Wood says that he hadn’t thought he would ever go to the College of Idaho, he would have rather gone somewhere out of state, like Oregon, and if he was to go to college in state it would’ve been to the College of Boise. This year though, Wood says, he started looking at different colleges and the College of Idaho kind of became his target school. In college, Wood is looking forward to being on his own and doing things for himself, “I’m not much of a partier” Wood says. 

Wood says that after college he wants to pursue a “boring old desk math job”, such as a data analyst or a financial analyst. He says that he also wants to get his piloting license for helicopters. Wood has been playing football as soon as he could, he says that he didn’t officially play until third grade when flag football was allowed, but he’d been playing for years with his cousins before that. Wood started playing football because it was just something he was drawn to, he says that he was always trying new things and football was one of those things that he knew he had to try. When asked what got him through all these years, Wood said that it was his coaches because they were always big supporters of him and they made practice fun. He says that this year Coach Ackley, “started another fire” within him that made him want to play and be at practice.