Angela Nelson


Vianca Godinez, Staff Reporter

Mrs. Angela Nelson, the new secretary/registrar, is located in the counseling office where Mrs. Brown used to be. A kind woman, and a master of many trades, Mrs. Nelson wouldn’t say her current career was one she strived for when she was younger. P.S., she wanted to be a physical therapist. Before coming to BHS, she was a photographer, bank manager, and stay-at-home mom. She has been in education for 15 years! The best part of her job is interacting with kids and getting to see her own throughout the day, whereas the thing she hates the most is being stuck in the office all day. 

Mrs. Nelson currently only knows English, but she would also like to learn Spanish since it’s so common around here. Besides that, the one thing she wishes she could master without having to learn it would be foreign language. She’s been to quite a bit of places, namely the Bahamas, Hawaii (several times), Mexico, and Washington, D.C. She wants to add Denmark to that list one day. 

She enjoys crafty activities, namely painting and interior design. “I love designing,” she says. Her favorite video game is the classic Super Mario Bros. 

Mrs. Nelson is a kind woman, saying she’d be a peach tree to be able to give sweet fruit to others. She also stated that the perfect day (for her) is one where everyone’s happy and there are no problems – then, at the end of the day, she could spend time with her family. If she could change anything about the world, it would be race problems. “Everyone would be one race: the human race.”

Despite having to come to school in these circumstances, Mrs. Nelson says she’s ready for it. She missed being in school. And if there’s one thing the students should know about her is that she’s always happy to help if you need it. Thankfully, we’ve all done a good job of giving her a warm welcome, despite not being able to be introduced in the beginning of the year assembly. Again, she’s located in the counseling office, and she’s happy to help to the best of her abilities!