Allie Cannon commits to play basketball at College of Idaho

Shakayla Morgan, News Editor

Allie Cannon(12) has had a year full of surprises and excitement. However, the real excitement has just begun for this rising star.

On Tuesday, March 12, Cannon signed her letter of intent to play basketball for the College of Idaho. She is ecstatic to finally have the recruiting process done and relieved that her future is all falling into place. College of Idaho is part of the NAIA, which is about the equivalent of Division 2 in the NCAA world. Cannon is looking forward to being part of such a great school where she can meet her athletic and academic goals.

“I think it will be hard, I mean College of Idaho is a very academic school. So, it’ll be hard to keep up with all of that and play basketball. Hopefully, I can make some good friends”, Cannon said.

Allie has done many things to prepare herself for playing at a higher level. She has competed on many teams throughout Idaho and Utah. Her most prominent is the AAU team, Salt Lake Metro that resides down in Utah. Cannon drives down to Salt Lake every weekend and stay overnight just to make sure she made it to all the team’s practices. With that kind of commitment, this determined athlete is bound to do some great things.

Cannon also has a developed workout program that helps her continue to succeed and get better at her sport. She knows that she needs to work as hard as she can to rise up to the college level. She wants to be as powerful as all of the girls she will soon be playing with and against. Having a specific workout system has definitely helped Allie reach her goals and dreams.

“I have a workout program that I do all summer, so that I can be as big and strong as all those other girls”, Cannon replied.

This strong-willed girl plans to study either biology or exercise science while continuing her basketball career. Cannon is grateful for all the support her parents and coaches have given her throughout her entire basketball experience. She is especially thankful that her AAU coach helped her get through the recruitment process.

Blackfoot High School is proud that Allie is able to pursue her dreams at such a great college. We all love her and the way she represents our wonderful school. There is no doubt that she will proceed to grow and advance significantly as she goes onward.