Blackfoot High School duet couple wins at competition

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Blackfoot High School duet couple wins at competition

Rose Evening, Staff reporter

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  Blackfoot High school ballroom dance hosted a competition against other high school dance teams. There were two group dances that won Superiors. And one Excellence for another group dance.

Duet couple Demery Wixom (10) and Maverick Malm (10) won the highest point award for the duet couple. Maverick describes the competition and tells what practicing with his partner was like.

Maverick Malm (10) said, “it is my first year of ballroom dance.” He added “one part of practicing was trying not to joke around.” Another hard task was to not drop his partner while practicing.

The dance that they performed was All I want for Christmas. Malm is no longer participating in ballroom dance, but he did reach his goal by not making any mistakes in his dance.

Ballroom dance teacher Mrs. Wixom, who hosted the competition this year, tells how this year’s competition went. “There were a lot of high schools that attended the competition,” said Mrs. Wixom. Overall, she was impressed with how this year’s competition turned out.

The high schools that arrived to the competition were Bonneville, Preston, Snake River, Hillcrest, and Nampa. The dances were Jitterbug, Pasodoble, and Christmas Tango.

Blackfoot High School placed first in nearly every group dance this year. They also performed well and are preparing for more upcoming competitions or performances for the school.