Gratitude changes everything


Geneieve Duarte, Features Editor


Gratitude is the best healing for society. Gratitude it should be passed around to bring happiness for yourself and others. It gives you that opportunity to appreciate what is around you, and the ability to appreciate life.

Showing gratitude can help with happiness, and help you mentally improve your self-esteem. It keeps those worst moments out of the way and helps make your day better.

People will notice you and would want to be friends with you, the positivity you have around them. This will then show you are passing the gratitude around for others to notice.

It will get passed on from them to enlighten others to keep the cycle going.

It’s the best feeling to be stress free, that’s what gratitude can do for you.

Think of those memories of the good things you have done to release something that has been affecting you at the moment. Relax your mind, and keep making those memories for the better.

Gratitude can make peace happen,you will be the one to make a difference and bring confidence to those who don’t know what it is like. Pass gratitude on is an important way to tell yourself it will be a great day.

Complimenting people is a great way to show gratitude.To start it off thank someone, who has done something good for you.

Tell them how much you appreciate them. This will start you off on the right direction, and it will get better day by day.

Complementation is the key to unlock those doors of a happy future.Complimenting others shows gratitude.

It shows how you see others;through your eyes.Gratitude and complementation allows; you to heal yourself, and the person you want to be. Don’t let anything get in your way, that will affect your happiness! Be grateful, be complimenting, and be happy. That is the key.