Thank you veterans


Elvira Alcaraz and Geneieve Duarte

Veterans Day is the day to remember those who are the heroes of our country. They have fought with all their might for us to have the freedom we have today.

This day is very important to all of us as Americans; it holds a special place in our hearts. We pay our respects and appreciate those who have passed away, battling for the freedom of our country.

As a school, we have a tradition to hold an assembly in dedication of the ones who fought and those who have lost loved ones in the military. In our school a lot of students had a lot to say  what Veterans Day means to them.

Ryker Reese (10) although he was performing in the assembly, said. “I thought the stories were really cool, the way they put there emotions into it.”

Damien Guerra (12) thought it was a very touching assembly and felt  bad for those involved in the military family.

Avian Martinez (9) said, “It was nice and moving, and I thank the troops for what they’ve done.” Viki Beck’s daughter spoke about her brother serving. Beck is a military parent which has caused her to know that experience of having a loved one in the military,

Viki Beck said, “When my son first joined the military I felt scared, but very proud of him, it was very nerve wracking.”

Beck would like to give some advice to parents who are in the process of having a child go into the military. She says to pray a lot because that’s what she did having her son away from her in those situations and brave moments. To those who are in the military today, it takes a lot for a person to do things the veterans do. The strength , the bravery, the sacrifices, it takes a lot of them to be a hero for our country. Happy Veterans to all, with all love and respect!