Movie Mill doesn’t disappoint


Ahna Yancey, Sports Editor

 The opening of the Movie Mill has been a long anticipated event for the residents of Blackfoot.  The grand opening was totally worth the wait. From a flashy outside to a modern interior, the movie mill exceeds expectations.  


 The staff at the Movie Mill is exceptional. While they may be new, they make up for it with bubbly personalities and a good work ethic. The Movie Mill feels very organized and managed well.


 One critique I have is that it takes a while to get your tickets purchased. This could be due to the fact that customers get to pick where they want to sit in the theater as they purchase their tickets.


 The actual movie experience was superb. The chairs were extremely comfortable and can be tipped back slightly. The sound system was very good and made scenes come to life. The graphics were crisp and detailed.  


 The Movie Mill also has a huge selection of foods to enjoy during your movie. You can even get pizza! They have a few great deals such as the $9.50 combo which gets you 2 large drinks and one large popcorn with one free refill on each.  

 Overall, the Movie Mill is a great place to go for a date especially since it is cheaper than most theaters.