Art show pieces damaged by flooding


Jordyn Parsons, Sports Editor

For many students, the return to school after Spring Break is dreaded and despised. No one wants to come home from their much-deserved vacations or a long week of laziness just to go back to homework and boredom, but for the students involved in the art show prior to Spring Break, the return was a little bit more harsh.
“I came in Monday morning to a bunch of water on my floor. There was a janitor in here cleaning up and moving the artwork onto my tables. He explained to me that on Friday, a few days before, there had been some sink upstairs left on,” Stephanie Talbot, the art teacher, said. “It had flooded out and across and came down and flooded some of our art lockers.”
The art in these lockers had just been displayed in an Art Show, including pieces from Talbot’s art classes and the Art Club. Though only a few pieces were damaged beyond repair, much of the art was wet and crinkled.
“I didn’t really care that it got wet. I can always just redraw it,” Ethan Christiansen (11) said.
“About half of [the art] got wet to some extent, a lot just on the edges. Most of the artwork was ok,” Talbot said. “There was one class, my head drawing class, that a lot of their artwork got very wet, and it wouldn’t be something that could be shown again in an Art Show. Very sad.”
The Art Show was designed to showcase all of the best pieces created by Talbot’s classes.
“It’s really heartbreaking,” Talbot said. “This is my student’s heart and soul, and they put so much effort into these.”
“I was really shocked, and pretty upset because I had worked really hard on that project, and I felt like I had done really well,” Kinsley Wray (11) said, “but at the same time, I wasn’t really surprised the accident itself happened. We’ve always been able to hear when the pipes were getting used during class.”
To Talbot’s knowledge, this kind of flooding has never happened before and was only a minor accident. She does not believe that it will ever happen again.