Rick and Morty Szechuan Sauce


Zahnyvee George, Features Editor


On February 27 of this year at 11am McDonald announced the remaking of the Szechuan sauce. They promised 20 million sauces were made.

In the popular cartoon television show Rick and Morty they introduce the Szechuan sauce in season three. The episode is called The Rickshank Rickdemption. Here we learn that the McDonald sauce was made in 1998 for a promotion for the Disney film Mulan. Then they got of it. Then the show brought it back to life once again.

Ever since the episode was aired on television, fans of the show wanted to try the sauce. Last year on October 7 McDonald’s decided to have the Szechuan sauce out for only one day. They ran out of the sauce fast and the customers and fans were not happy about it.

The sauce taste different not like regular Szechuan sauce. It is not as spicy and taste a lot like teriyaki sauce. Actually, I really liked the sauce. It tasted so well with the Chicken Nugget and the fact it melted in your mouth. It was so savory you just could eat it all day!