Blackfoot High School restarts an old tradition

Jordyn Parsons, Sports Editor

This Thursday, an old tradition resurfaced: Mr. BHS. The award has been absent for a year, but it made a triumphant return. Starring senior candidates nominated by various sports programs, the Mr. BHS election included interviews, a choreographed dance and a scavenger hunt.
Aric Vail (12) was voted as second runner-up on Thursday, along with the first runner-up, Cade Ricks (12) and Coque Velasquez (12) as Mr. BHS.
“I’ve heard a lot of things about [Mr. BHS],” Vail, who was nominated by the football team, said. “I wasn’t hoping to win, I was just in it for the fun of it. Shoot, I got to shake my butt in front of all the students. But seriously, the dance was really fun.”
“I thought it would be fun. I saw kids do it when we were younger and thought, ‘I want to do that,’” Payson Mills (12) said. “I liked the competition and the adrenaline.”
Mills was the winner of the scavenger hunt on Thursday. The candidates searched throughout the school campus for items like pinecones, expo markers, movies and lipstick. The final item was Mr. Thomas’s ID card. Payson Mills(12) and Cade Ricks (12) were the last two candidates left in the hunt and had to battle for the last item.
“For me, the hardest thing to find was probably the sports schedule,” Ricks said. “I was going the same place as [Payson], and then I was like, ‘Shoot!’ and went back up to Reay’s.”