Has Disney gone too far?

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Has Disney gone too far?

Cason Zehntner, Staff Reporter

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With the deal to acquire Fox earlier this year, Disney has become what we know as a behemoth. The Mickey Mouse empire seems to remain supreme in this situation, but does this deal limit creativity in Hollywood?

Most people outside the Hollywood industry, including the many students at BHS, see this as a great deal for the common moviegoer. Not only will this deal unite practically all Marvel franchises under Disney, including X-Men and Deadpool, it will also give Disney all the rights to the Star Wars franchise.

Zachary Evans (11) is one of the many people excited about the deal. He says that he is most excited about, “better adaptations of past movies,” such as the Fantastic Four. He is however worried about, “the production of some movies and series are going to be halted.”

While this is a nice view to think about, there tends to be some worrying implications about the deal, hidden beneath the surface.

One of those implications is studio market share. During the course of 2017, Walt Disney took in 21.8 percent of the market share while Fox took in a measly 12.0 percent. If these numbers are combined, the studios would 33.8 percent of the total market share by studio. This is about a third of the entire market share and nearly double the amount of the next nearest competitor, Warner Bros., whose market share is only 18.4 percent.

Another implication is the amount of famous franchises Disney will now own. Not only will they now have complete control over Marvel and Star Wars, they will now own The Simpsons, Aliens, Avatar, Die Hard, Home Alone, Planet of the Apes, and Predator franchises, along with a multitude of other franchises.

The idea of Disney owning too many franchises seems to worry a small group of people who are worried that Disney will now have a monopoly on the movie industry. This is the type of mindset Jason Dietz has on the subject.

Dietz, a teacher at BHS, said that, “any time, any one person or group of people controls everything, society starts to shut down.” History tells us that once someone owns too much, they eventually take control over everything.

If we let the river runs its course, Disney could ending up owning everything in the media industry. The only thing we can do is wait for Mickey Mouse’s presidential run. Mickey Mouse 2020!