Blackfoot celebrates Native American week

Jordyn Parsons, Staff Reporter

GETTING THIS PARTY STARTED. Brook Watson (12), president of the Indian Club, kicks off the Native American Assembly on Wednesday.
DRUM IT UP. Drummers from the Shoshone Bannock tribe perform the flag song.
ADD A LITTLE SPARKLE. Rainbow never goes out of style.
BRONCO ROYALTY. Nicole Hevewah (10) dances in the Native American Assembly.
STRIKE A POSE. In his ornate regalia, teacher Merle Smith performs Salutation to the Sun.
UNDER THE LIGHTS. Seymour Eagle Speaker (12) performs at the Native American Assembly.
LADIE’S CHOICE. Jacob Christiansen (11) dances after being invited onstage.
GRAND FINALE. The BHS students joined the Native dancers on stage for a final dance of friendship.
CHEESE. Ontaria Ariwite (11) smiles for the camera.