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My Ideas on Gun Restrictions


We believe that there should be higher restrictions and regulations on owning a gun within the state of Idaho, this would be to benefit the safety of our children, classmates, peers, and people of society. While many would argue that it’s to protect themselves and their loved ones this would only be a result of a weak excuse, because the dangerous levels of a firearm outweigh this claim of “protecting others.” Especially when these very same guns can be used to shoot up schools, police stations, buildings, and peaceful protests. Thus what we will be discussing today is how most firearms; can be used with ill intent, and illegal purposes, and risk the safety of children within each household, school, or even district. As well as how they are not doing enough to restrict, and regulate to the proper guidelines in which to ensure the public’s and people’s safety. The age you can get a gun is 18 and that’s a hand held gun like a pistol. As well as if you’re 21 you’re allowed to get more higher level guns, while some are not allowed like rifles, there’s still plenty of alternate gun options. There is currently no waiting period and at most a small background check that can occur depending on the type and level of threat a gun is that you are purchasing.
The biggest issue with guns in our society as the current years progress is the use of guns and or firearms within school, or public building shootings. A current and recent example of this was the shooting in Maine where they didn’t just use regular bullets but high-velocity ones which can cause fatal wounds and destroy tissue that surrounds them. This also occurred at the Lewiston bowling alley where a total of 7 victims were brutally killed by gunshot wounds. This resulted in a second shooting scene, at Schemengees Bar and Grill where another 11 victims died of gun-related wounds. Because of these two shootouts, this forced Lewiston into a full-on lockdown for two to three days where all the people could do was hope and pray they weren’t next. This wouldn’t have occurred, or even been a possibility if they had done a proper background check, as well as a mental health background to make sure the individual was stable enough for a firearm. As include a waiting period in case something related like a crime or mental health case does surface so they haven’t already given a mental person who’s unwell a firearm that’s a danger to themselves and people of society.
Something important to mention is that if guns were used and stored safely this wouldn’t have to be one of the biggest debates of America which is how many innocent children die from the accidental use of a firearm or get injured from an unsafe and not properly locked/stored gun. According to Sandyhook’s article “Every day at least 12 children die from gun violence/firearms in America and another 32 are shot and injured.” -(Sandy Hook This shows how much of a burden the improper storage of guns as well as gun violence affects children every single day. This article also states “In fact, firearms deaths occur at a rate more than five times higher than drowning.” -(Sandy Hook Promise. Org) These numbers could drastically decrease or even stop altogether if the parents/guardians simply locked or properly stored their guns to which their children wouldn’t be able to access them. A majority of school shootings occur because of the fact the mentally unwell student or child can easily get access to a loaded gun or know of a loaded gun’s whereabouts in their family home. Some evidence that supports this is “68% of guns used in gun-related incidents at school were taken from a home, relative, or friend.”- (Sandy Hook Overall this evidence not only supports my claim but shows how drastically we need to make a decision and effective decision now and not later before these percentages and numeracy rates increase.

After the age of 21, citizens are legally allowed to own or buy a gun, but they are required to take a mental health check, which includes a psychiatric assessment and a background check. A psychiatric assessment is the process of gathering information about a person to determine if they have severe mental illnesses. This process takes approximately 30 minutes. A background check is the process of checking your past and present history. The process can take anywhere from 1 to 5 days. If the requirements aren’t met and a legal citizen does withhold an illegal gun, then the punishment is: a $1,500 dollar fine” For illegal citizens, we will require the mental illness check above as well as whether the citizen is paying taxes, etc. If the citizen passes the requirements needed to own a gun, then they are required to have a safe of some type to ensure the household is safe from any danger. If the legal gun holder is found not properly storing their gun, then the fine could result in a $1,800 fine. However, if a child were to accidentally harm themselves or others around them with the gun, it would result in either a $12,000 fine or 1 ½ years of jail time. However, if an improperly stored gun is used in, for example, a school shooting or any sort of harmful shooting, the shooter and the original owner of the gun will both receive jail time, which will vary depending on the judge’s verdict. There will be no fine, as there is no price on the innocent lives that were taken away.
In conclusion, overall America, especially the state of Idaho needs to drastically change and improve their restrictions, regulations, and overall punishment for these unlocked, and ill kept weapons in order to keep our children, parents, teachers, community, and cities safe from gun related violence or firearm accidents that take away the lives of those we love or know within our own communities. By giving them regulations, punishment, and a stricter rule guideline we will be able to ensure moreover the safety of our childrens and homes without the pressure of having to give away our gun rights completely.

But what are your opinions comment them down below!

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Payton Tucker
Payton Tucker, Staff Reporter
Payton Tucker is a junior here at Blackfoot High School. She hates science, loves interior design, and is a hard-working 16-year-old. With classes at school, and a big family to come home to in the afternoon, she’s quite the busy person. But how does one put up with all this stress? Well, Payton very much enjoys playing Cookie Run Kingdom. Not only is the game luckily entertaining but it also works as a great stress reliever in Payton’s downtime. Tucker loves to eat Italian food of all sorts but has much hate for oysters and clams. The 16-year-old has grown up eating Italian food; her grandmother was a great cook and due to her having a ton of Italian friends, she inherited their cooking skills. Can you blame her? Since Payton is a winter baby, her Zodiac sign is Aquarius. Her favorite colors are purple and gold, not just for the shade but for what the colors represent. Purple for clarity and gold for relaxing. Much like the nature of her zodiac, Payton believes in being a kind, clever, and optimistic person. As Tucker claims, if she could change one thing about the world it would be how people handle certain situations. The 16-year-old sees that people can be very judgmental and scared when they are put in an environment or scenario where they can’t understand what’s going on. There’s no support for these people who have become shunned after a bad situation, and this has come to her attention. The solution? “Let’s change our perspectives and how we perceive people at first glance.” Something that you probably didn’t know about Payton is that she has a secret interest in Drama and the Theater Arts. It developed back in middle school where Payton at first didn’t enjoy the class; as the story goes, Payton just stuck with it and found a love for performing, the thrill of being on stage, and getting to act out characters with her friends. Other random facts about Payton are that her favorite flowers are tulips, her motto for life is “if I don’t do it today, I’m gonna have to do it tomorrow,” and she despises armadillos. Payton looks forward to working in the newspaper and bringing you lots of stories in the future. She already has a passion for writing engaging fantasy stories, but she wants to try writing about the heavily controversial topics that happen at Blackfoot High. If you hear anything “controversial-worthy”, this is the person you should go to.

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