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Payton Tucker
Payton Tucker, Staff Reporter
Payton Tucker is a junior here at Blackfoot High School. She hates science, loves interior design, and is a hard-working 16-year-old. With classes at school, and a big family to come home to in the afternoon, she’s quite the busy person. But how does one put up with all this stress? Well, Payton very much enjoys playing Cookie Run Kingdom. Not only is the game luckily entertaining but it also works as a great stress reliever in Payton’s downtime. Tucker loves to eat Italian food of all sorts but has much hate for oysters and clams. The 16-year-old has grown up eating Italian food; her grandmother was a great cook and due to her having a ton of Italian friends, she inherited their cooking skills. Can you blame her? Since Payton is a winter baby, her Zodiac sign is Aquarius. Her favorite colors are purple and gold, not just for the shade but for what the colors represent. Purple for clarity and gold for relaxing. Much like the nature of her zodiac, Payton believes in being a kind, clever, and optimistic person. As Tucker claims, if she could change one thing about the world it would be how people handle certain situations. The 16-year-old sees that people can be very judgmental and scared when they are put in an environment or scenario where they can’t understand what’s going on. There’s no support for these people who have become shunned after a bad situation, and this has come to her attention. The solution? “Let’s change our perspectives and how we perceive people at first glance.” Something that you probably didn’t know about Payton is that she has a secret interest in Drama and the Theater Arts. It developed back in middle school where Payton at first didn’t enjoy the class; as the story goes, Payton just stuck with it and found a love for performing, the thrill of being on stage, and getting to act out characters with her friends. Other random facts about Payton are that her favorite flowers are tulips, her motto for life is “if I don’t do it today, I’m gonna have to do it tomorrow,” and she despises armadillos. Payton looks forward to working in the newspaper and bringing you lots of stories in the future. She already has a passion for writing engaging fantasy stories, but she wants to try writing about the heavily controversial topics that happen at Blackfoot High. If you hear anything “controversial-worthy”, this is the person you should go to.

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