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Emily Overmeyer, Staff reporter

Emily Overmeyer is an ambitious junior in high school. She’s seventeen and loves to travel. One of her favorite parts of traveling is being able to drive. She has been to all kinds of crazy places. Overmeyer has traveled to 21 states and her favorites were Arizona and South Dakota. When she went to Ohio she rode the 2nd tallest and 3rd fastest roller coaster in the world. At first she was terrified but once she got going, it was fun. While she’s been to so many places, her dream vacation would be to go to Africa or Germany because Africa is so different and pretty and she wants to help other people there. 


She’s also lived in many different places. She was born in Pocatello, lived in Chubbuck, moved to Missouri and moved to Malad. After living in Malad she moved to Saint John in 6th grade and moved to Blackfoot at the end of her 7th grade year. Of all of these places she liked living in Blackfoot the most. 


Her favorite things to do in her free time are to play the piano, watch the Bachelor, write, do yard work, and ride roller coasters. Her favorite food is bread, because of the many ways to have it. There’s bread-sticks, pizza crust, toast, and lots of pastries. Her favorite dessert is chocolate pie.


One of Overmeyer’s favorite quotes is when Albert Einstein said, “Be a voice, not an echo.” Her favorite animals are horses and big cats, like the Arabian leopard. Another one of her favorites is the color mauve which is a pale, purple color. While she doesn’t have a favorite celebrity her role models are her grandparents because they’re awesome and her mom because she’s strong, hardworking, and optimistic.


Some things she does in school are newspaper (of course) cross country, and track. Her favorite part of school is her friends and her least favorite is the stress. Three words she would use to describe herself are courageous, hard working, and creative. 

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