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Adriana Maldonado

Adriana Maldonado, Staff reporter

Our very own energetic and ever so cheerful Adriana Maldonado enters her second year in newspaper, as she braves through her senior year. The top thing on her bucket list at this point is just to graduate high school, and as of right now her main goal is to work and save up for college outside of Blackfoot. 


After high school, Adriana plans to attend college, as long as she gets out of Blackfoot. She wants to become a Certified Nurse Assistant. However, this was not her first occupational choice. When she was younger, Adriana’s dream was to become a teacher until, devastatingly enough, she realized she doesn’t like kids. 


Her favorite teacher here at BHS is Mr. Blevin because, “He’s super chill and helps out with stuff.” She doesn’t really like Blackfoot High School, and who can blame her? The person Adriana looks up to the most is her mother, since she does so much for her and is just plain great. 


Some of Adriana’s favorite things are Hershey’s Chocolate with almonds, enchiladas, Applebees, and “Avenger’s Endgame”. Despite the fact that she absolutely adores turtles, her spirit animal would be a dolphin. She also enjoys having a bowl of strawberry ice cream. Her favorite actors are Chris Evans “Because he’s hot and has a nice butt” and Tom Holland, “Because he is also hot and he has an awesome British accent.” If she had to choose somebody to play her in a movie about her life, she would choose herself.


Like most teenagers nowadays, Adriana thoroughly enjoys spending her free time playing games, namely 2 on her phone. Her favorite thing to do over the summer is to travel, especially if it means taking a nice trip down to Las Vegas as the hotels there are nice and cold, just the way she likes it. If she had the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world she would want to visit Spain just because.

All content by Adriana Maldonado