Two-Sentence Horror Story Writing Contest

Happy Halloween, Broncos!

Happy Halloween, Broncos!

We here at the BroncWriter are happy to announce our 2-sentence horror story competition. We are so glad that we received all of your submissions, and hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did. When you’re done, vote for your favorite story down below. The story that gets the most votes will receive a $10 gift card to McDonalds, and second and third place will each get a $5 gift card to the Drink Factory. Have a very scary Halloween!

Note: in the interest of fairness, certain stories were redacted if we found stories matching them online.

Story 1
Story 2
Story 3
Story 4
Story 5
Story 6
Story 7 <Redacted>
Story 8
Story 9
Story 10
Story 11
Story 12
Story 13
Story 14
Story 15
Story 16
Story 17
Story 18
Story 19
Story 20
Story 21
Story 22
Story 23
Story 24 <Redacted>
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Story 30
Story 31 <Redacted>
Story 32
Story 33

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Which 2-Sentence Horror Story did you enjoy the most?


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