Nap time needs to be implemented again

Dear Editor,

At what point did nap time become considered juvenile? As teens, we need to be getting 9.5 hours of sleep every night, but according to a study by Nationwide Children’s Hospital, teens get an average of only 7 hours of sleep.

Many of these low sleeping times are due to stress, insomnia, mental disorders, and more. If we were given nap time at school, it could improve behavior, mood, cognitive ability, academic performance, and lessen drowsy driving.

Therefore, nap time in high school could benefit the whole community by making the streets safer. Not only could the students benefit, but also the teachers.

My mom teaches at the middle school, and is always complaining about not having enough prep time. So, while the students are napping, teachers could be making copies, grading papers, making lesson plans, etc.

That way, teachers are less stressed; the students are less moody and more ready to learn. It’s a win-win situation. Bring nap time back!

-Lanie Williams