Thank you for the new hour lunch incentive

Dear Editor,

  I really enjoy the new incentive for hour lunches. It makes it so students who get good grades, come to school, and go to their classes, are given a reward, because I remember there were always some students who, whenever it was green banner day four or five, would do something stupid and get us on red banner. That got on my nerves, but thankfully, now we aren’t affected by people who do dumb things.

  Now, if I don’t get the hour lunch, I know it’s my fault, so I know who to blame and beat up later. It makes me want to work hard and actually come to school. Frankly, if it was up to me, I’d be missing a day at least once a week. We finally have something to look forward to on Friday, other than the weekend.

  Of course, there’s the whole “you don’t have to take finals if you’re here everyday and you get good grades”, but what’s a few more tests? Sometimes, I don’t want to come to school for the two days other people are gone, but other times, I just don’t care. Now that I’ve got two things on the line, I’m not so sure I’ll be taking too many free days.

  It is difficult, though, if you are on the brink of death and you still have to go to school just so you can get an extra thirty minutes of lunch. I’m not here to talk about that, though. Hour lunches almost every Friday have been awesome, thanks for asking. 


                                                                       -Vianca Godinez