School newspaper needs jokes, make it more fun

Dear Editor, 

My name is Casey Williams, I’m a freshman at BHS. I’m writing this letter to you because I was wondering if we could put in some jokes? Then, the newspaper  would be more funny than it already is . The newspaper is great and funny, but I think it would be cool to put in jokes or comics.

The issue is I think, is the newspaper is funny but it needs more funny things.  So I thought that we could put some in jokes and comics. We should have a challenge and get the best one and they will win. The winner gets his joke in the newspaper. I think this will get more readers and more attention to the newspaper.

My concerns are that people are not wasting there time, but the people that read it don’t like it because it is kinda not funny. Jokes would make the newspaper more funny. I think the newspaper is awesome because I’ve never gone to a school where they had newspapers to read. I close this letter in hopes that the newspaper will read this and that they may put jokes in future newspapers.


Casey Williams