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Entering her sophomore year, Layla Buckskin is as happy and easy going as someone can be. Buckskin says that she has always been a big fan of the paranormal. She is very interested in movies that fall under the horror genre. This paranormal horror theme also goes into her favorite television show, Ghost Stories. Along with her love of the paranormal, Buckskin listens to country, hip hop, and r&b. She says that the best fictional character to represent her would be Viola from She’s the Man, because, “She's the man.” 

 Buckskin has many hobbies. Buckskin is into basketball, soccer, hunting, fishing, and Native American pow wow dancing. Layla considers all Mexican food to be her favorite food. She has eight siblings, three on her mom’s side and five on her dad’s. Buckskin “hates snakes”, has a fear of drowning, and a fear of dying. If she could travel anywhere in the world she would travel to France to visit the Eiffel Tower. 

When asked why Buckskin joined newspaper she said that she wanted to expand creativity and let out her ideas. She felt like newspaper is a place where she can be open about her thoughts. A word that she used to describe herself is wásté. Wásté means good in Native American and it is pronounced wos-tay. She says that this word describes her perfectly because she is quiet and keeps to herself, but is always happy. 

After High School, Buckskin plans to attend Montana State University located in Bozeman, Montana. Though she hasn’t decided specifically which profession she would like to go into, she plans on going to school so she can later work as a medical professional. Buckskin was inspired to study the medical field after her mom was admitted to the hospital. While her mom was in the hospital for a couple of months, she was enticed by the work that the medical personnel did there.


Layla Buckskin, Staff Reporter

Layla Buckskin