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Kelsey Griffin
Kelsey Griffin is a sophomore here at Blackfoot High. Her hobbies include reading books, playing the ukulele and playing volleyball. As quiet and calm as she is, she has 6 brothers!

The best part about high school for her is the fun teachers. One word Kelsey would describe herself as, is thoughtful. Her favorite flavor of ice cream is playdough and the color she enjoys the most is yellow because of how bright it is.

She believes the best time of the year is winter due to the snow. Her most enjoyed movie at the moment is Fantastic Beasts and she loves old Disney movies.

Griffin’s plans after high school are going to college, serving a mission for her church and starting a family.

Kelsey’s biggest role model is her dad because “he is hardworking, kind to everyone around him and if there’s a family dispute he can solve it.”

Her favorite quote is “We don’t find the happy life, we make it” because “you can’t expect to be happy on your own you have to find it.”

If she could visit anywhere in the world, she would choose France because she wants to visit Paris, it’s super pretty and she wants to try the food. Something she’s wanted to do but hasn’t yet is try more things in high school like sports and continuing her passion of journalism and yearbook.


Kelsey Griffin, Staff Reporter

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