The Banner Lunch System

Kailynn Miller, Editor-In-Chief

As we came back to school, entering the second trimester, we came back to a new kind of lunch: the banner lunch system. Seniors and Juniors of Blackfoot High School (BHS) have had the banner lunch before, but it was replaced two years ago with the system where an individual could receive an hour lunch if they had good grades in their classes as well as good attendance. 

The banner lunch system consists of three different colored “banners”, these colors being green, yellow, and red. It should be easily inferred that green is good, red is bad, and yellow is a medium between the two; much like a stop light. In order for the BHS student body to receive an hour lunch on Wednesday and Thursday each week, they must remain on a green banner. If the school is on a yellow or red banner, nobody will receive an hour lunch that week. To know what color the school is on you can listen to the morning announcements and/or look outside of the main office and they typically have the banner color hanging outside. We, the BroncWriter are also posting the daily banners both on our website as well as our instagram. 

Now, how do you get and remain on a green banner? In order to keep an hour lunch and remain on a green banner, the school cannot have an incident of wrong behavior. We’ve had a problem lately within the school of people stealing things from the bathrooms for a TikTok trend. It is rumored that these actions may be a factor into the decision of putting the banner system back into place within our school. Other things that can put the student body on a yellow or red banner would be, fighting/bullying or something such as littering.

The main concern within the BHS student body in regards to the banner lunch system is that they feel it is unfair. All of the students who were asked said that they will do whatever they can to stay on a green banner, but even though they are trying it does not mean that everyone else in the student body is going to, making their good actions futile. 

Not only are the students of BHS affected by this new banner lunch system, so too is the staff. This year and last we have also had a new system for lunch where we have A and B lunches. Freshman and Juniors go to lunch when the Sophomores and Seniors are in advisory and vice versa. Due to this system, teachers’ lunches may already consist of students in their classroom for both lunches, leaving the teacher with no time to themselves. Some teachers like to prep in their lunch period, some like to run an errand for a minute, but a teacher is not allowed to leave their classroom if they have a student inside. You may think that a teacher can just do these things during their actual prep period, but there are some teachers here at BHS who do not have a prep period and their lunch may be their only bathroom time as well. 

Although there are plenty of cons about the banner lunch system, there are also quite a few pros. The banner lunch system can be a useful method for getting the student body to act accordingly and get them to stop doing things that are harmful to our school. This system brings the students together instead of keeping them separate as individuals and forces them to work as a school in order to obtain the things that they want. In turn, this system also keeps our school in a decent state: less littering, less fights, and less vandalism. 

We have already had some time on the banner system this year and there were two incidents in particular that upset the student body. Both incidents involved people stealing from the locker room, the student body came together to help figure out who did it. Even though the students were able to figure out who brought them off of a green banner, there are still times that the student body is not going to be able to do this. 

The banner lunch system does have its pros but it also has its cons, which begs the question: which is greater, the pros or the cons?

Do you think there are more pros or cons to the Banner Lunch system?


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