Alessandra Brunati


Kailynn Miller, Staff Reporter

Alessandra Brunati is a foreign exchange student and a junior this year at Blackfoot High School(BHS). This is Brunati’s first time being a foreign exchange student and she says she’s loving it so far. Brunati was born in the North part of Italy in a city called Lake Como. Alessandra says that the most different from America vs Italy is probably the school because in Italy each class she would have would be with the same people. Here, she likes how each class you  have is with new people, so you get to meet more people. The hardest part for Brunati about being a foreign exchange student is having to put yourself out there and step out of your comfort zone.

Alessandra plays volleyball for BHS and played volleyball for ten years back in Italy. Brunati says that she tried basketball, but it wasn’t for her, “at least I tried”. Brunatis favorite animal is a cat,because she has one herself, “He’s pretty mean to me, so he’s not my favorite cat.”said Brunati. Brunati says that her favorite thing about Italy is how close everything is so she can go wherever she wants. Brunati says that she loves to visit, so having everything really close is nice. Brunatis favorite food in Italy is pasta “I ate pasta like everyday”Said Brunati. In America her favorite food is steak.

One wrong stereotype that people have about Italy according to Brunati is how much mafia is actually there. “It’s not like in the movies; it’s gorgeous and full of funny people”. Brunati has two older siblings in Italy and here she has three: two little brothers, and one little sister. She says that the thing she misses most about Italy is her sisters, saying that they were always there for her, as well as her friend. Brunati says that she is motivated in life by always finding a way to be happier and make herself feel better. When asked where Brunatis favorite place was that she visited she responded with, “I think every place matters based on the people you’re with-It’s the people that make the place”. 

If you haven’t met Alessandra Brunati, you should. She’s a wonderful person who always has something good to say.